Esoteric functions: Some thoughts on Quality and Personality

Just a quick hack to sketch out a couple of topics before I dash out to get a large slide for our garden. 

The first is Quality: what it means, how you judge it, how you measure it, how do you know what it is when you see it etc. For example, why does the iPad look and feel like a high quality product? And are we all “feeling” the same thing? Sales figures say yes!
The second one I want to look at is Personality and how this comes about in terms of the end product. For example, the Volkswagen Beetle arguably has a ton of it. Pacman seemingly has bags of personality but looking at its original designs that isn’t immediately obvious. Did it come from marketing, did it come from artwork for the cabinets, did it come later from cartoons? Or is it the result of the product being more than the sum of its parts: that once all the pieces of the jigsaw are in place, what you have is more than a collection of oddly cut bits of wood?
More on this later!

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