Rolling, rolling, rolling

Quick update: I’ve just swapped a few emails with Katamari’s legendary designer Keita Takahashi who’s in the UK as part of a project to create a childrens’ playground. He’s giving a talk next week and has amazingly invited me and this crazy project along. At the talk will also be the legendary designer, Martin Hollis, who was the designer of Goldeneye on the N64. I absolutely can’t wait. I imagine they are not quite as excited as me but then again, they’ve not met me and my crazy project yet.

Before I have a talk with Keita I’ll have another bash at trying to deconstruct the character design and see how much his vision for them altered as the project progressed. Maybe I’ll be suprised and find out the whole thing was meticulously planned and used CMM or Prince 2 to manage the project. I seriously doubt it 🙂

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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