Interesting game constraints, part 2

The game needs to give the player a reason to move. If not, they wont.
Their “score” wont change. They won’t have fun. No fun. No game. So far, that’s the premise for my game.

So the game needs to give the player a reason to move. Get the girl.
Avoid the missile. Catch the rope. Hit the ball. Collect the diamonds.

These are the usual mechanisms but, and it’s related in a way to the previous post on Doodle Jump, Jumping Jack and Man Goes Down, you can make the player move by removing whatever holds their current position thus forcing them to progress (or perish).

An interesting game for the 16-Bit Amiga was Psygnosis’ The Killing
Game show, which like Nebulous before it and Metal Slug later on, used
a rising level of water to force movement. This creates a wonderful
feeling of escapism, of wanting to get away from the claustrophobia.
This was also used to great effect in Atomic Adam’s Canabalt

Here’s a little clip of The Killing Game Show:

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