Starting development

I now have enough of my game design on paper and whiteboard to code
against. Interestingly it still feels that unless I can play with a
rudimentary version of it this stage any further exploration of it
through a formal process would be futile. I’ll write much more on this
and whether this is a correct assumption after I’ve gotten the
prototype up and running this week.

In other news, today heard back from Joel Poloney who’s the lead
developer on Zynga’s Farmville who’s done an amazing series of Q&A for
this project. Joel, like Peter, has been incredibly generous with his
time and knowledge and I’d like to thank them again for allowing me to
share their experiences. I’ve been in touch with Joel (picking his formidable brains on server architecture) on and off since he was at his first startup, myMiniLife which was subsequently acquired by Zynga, and so he’s probably one of the best sources for what developing and supporting a large social game is like. Large in this sense is around 20 to 30 million daily active uniques. I’ll post this up soon. 

Okay, back to that prototyping…

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