The sound of music

Sound and music are, for me, a hugely important part of the gaming experience. Even the fx used on a menu can add to the overall ability to draw you to the game’s world. From the metallic chink of a coin as it triggers the mechanism which in turn fires off the ‘extra credit’ sound fx on an arcade game to the game over sequence these small bits of fx and melodies give depth and charm to the digital design.

The two musicians that had a huge impact on the games I played were Chris Huelsbeck and Rob Hubbard. I would often load up games just to listen to their music, sometimes not actually playing the game, and much to my parents frustration have my TV’s volume turned all the way up. I would then play along on my Roland Juno 2 adding strings and other fx (it was probably even worse than it sounds!) Interestingly it’s becoming common now for live bands to play these tunes, I think Rob has done just this a few times!

Here’s Rob Hubbard talking about how he started programming and
writing music. More on him later 😉  and below that is the intro screen for Turrican 2 featuring Chris’ incredible music. Turrican 2 in particular is an incredible achievement, a fantastic game elevated to a perfect package by the sound and music.

Over the next few days I’ll explore fx and music a little and see how we can add that to our project. Speaking of music, I’m off to see Keita Takahashi on Tuesday so I’ll have to remember to talk about Katamari’s music, which is also spectacular.

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