CasualConnect in a 140 characters or less by marblemedia inc’s Sasha Boersma #casualconnect #ff @cartoondutchie

Brevity is the soul of wit. Unfortunately, you might have noticed that I have tendency to ramble. Jaz Rignall told me recently that “if you think you are waffling then you probably are.” I’m working on it Jaz!

I could take a few pointers from Sasha Boersma who is marblemedia inc’s Senior Business Manager, Interactive ( Sasha (@cartoondutchie) has been tweeting an awesome precis of the talks from this week’s Casual Connect ( They really stood out for me as they are brilliantly succinct and capture the essence of some of my concerns regarding social and location based games – using much less words. Maybe I should try to blog in 140 characters or less!

Sasha and marblemedia inc have kindly let me repeat them here for you:


its assumed that iPad customers will be willing to pay more for their apps due to larger screen / improved experience #casualconnect


days of the 99-cent games over. established market where consumers willing to pay for quality (consider $2.99) #casualconnect


not all games need to be social #casualconnect


all games are social #casualconnect


focus on the experience of the platform and how your game works within & improves that experience #casualconnect


consider that PC games out number iPhone games when concerned about app store competition #casualconnect


what is innovation in casual gaming? user experience, technical methods, biz models. sounded like a #cmf info session. #casualconnect


this moment is a short window for indie devs to anchor and grow b4 need of big marketing bucks interfere #casualconnect


one discussion I 100% agreed with – location-based gaming is more hype than real #casualconnect  [I wish I was at this talk, this is my view, see recent post]


my fav quote of #casualconnect : the iPad is just another portable device, but one you can see what you are doing” 🙂


once again, common theme at conf panels – for commercial success, know your audience and know you are not your audience #casualconnect


Rt @UntoldEnt State of the casual games industry as i see it from #casualconnect: confused, uncertain, incongruous. Very scattershot at the moment.


after a full day of learning and meeting, it was lovely to spend the evening connecting with other Ontario game peeps 🙂 [nothing todo with the talk, I just love the fact Sasha has learning as an activity, awesome!]


when integrating a sponsor into your game, you need to follow your sponsor’s branding rules very carefully #casualconnect


TV audiences are shifting from viewers to users. passive viewers are seeking new ways to engage with the properties they love #casualconnect


social games have the biggest distribution opportunity, but too much noise on the market, so more marketing $ required #casualconnect [Hello!]


FB Connect is not always the answer, depending on your target, it can actually turn the user away from your game #casualconnect


social games aren’t ‘set it and forget’, once launched must keep feeding content and watch user behaviour #casualconnect


typical casual game revenue, 18 months after release: $600K (based on speaker’s experience at established studios) #casualconnect


typical social game: 9 month build ($500K), plus ongoing maintenance means over 2 yrs cost is $2M. profit @ month 15 #casualconnect


‘typical’ casual game: 6 months to build, $200K in dev costs #casualconnect


biz optimization: keep dev $ low, get wide distribution, max ROI on marketing $, earn $ as soon as possible #casualconnect


key to indie development, you need to own the distribution #casualconnect


advantage of branded IP: depending on the brand, it can have the strength to heard over the noise. #casualconnect


if you are developing content for a platform you don’t own, always be concerned and watching #casualconnect


the downfall of the long tail: the top 5 players have control of 50% of the market #casualconnect


if you aren’t keeping an eye on the new platforms, your vision is limited #casualconnect


when building a biz plan for a casual game, be aware that catalogue is everywhere – how will you rise above the noise? #casualconnect


lead from the front. lead by example and work harder than anyone else #leadership #casualconnect


on a mobile app, considering that you need at least 100K downloads to be worth something to ad networks #gamesauce


as a manager, consider looking at the org chart upside down – who do you serve in the value chain? #gamesauce #leadership


when pitching, pay attention to what isn’t spoken – the ums, hmms, and silence – and address them #gamesauce


consider when you self publish for XBLA/PSN, how your game is going to get attention among the 100+ other titles #gamesauce


when intending to develop a game for XBLA or PSN, consider that they release 104 games/year each. (@jmoledina #gamesauce)


every option you provide your user when planning game design should have meaning (@bbrathwaite #gamesauce)


still considering lesson from @bbrathwaite’s #gamesauce presentation this morning. “do something by yourself because you can”.


great biz advice for studios & indies: if you think the gig will cause you more grief than the money is worth, don’t do it. #gamesauce


excited by this theme of importance of story in the gameplay over art and code emerging at #gamesauce


1st impressions of Seattle: lots of trees, mountains, and a long wait in baggage claims. Cool airport train though 🙂


but before I finish packing, I must first break for Aqua Teen Hunger Force 😛 #geekgirl [nothing todo with Casual Connect, I just love Aqua Teen Hunger Force 🙂 ]


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