Finishing games that I start, ’tis a rare thing these days.

The past week or so I’ve been doing a lot of research, reading several books on video games, game design, science fiction, Bob Dylan (well, you’ve got break things up a bit) and also submitting my project proposal for possible grant funding. I also managed to complete Gears of War 2 at the weekend, which as a previous post hinted at, really surprised me. Not least because my paucity of “spare” time combined with theĀ marathonicĀ nature of today’s triple A games.

Also because it’s not normally the sort of game I go for and also because it hooked me so acutely I had to finish it. And I bloody loved it. Yes, the dialogue is cheesy and the plot isn’t particularly novel but Epic sure know how to execute their idea well. The set pieces were, well, Epic and the game rewards you for hanging on to the end by giving you a brilliantly satisfying last mission.

It also uses an heroic story telling technique which I often forget about but it hit me like a freight train (thanks Bob) when I realised it, that the story arc ends in the place it starts, only that place has changed irrevocably as a result of your story. Brilliant stuff.

Anyway, it’s big week for Collision Games, a couple of irons in the fire might just set the project ablaze. They may also come out cold. Either way, it’s a big week.

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