Plan A, Plan B … Plan N

This week has been a long week. Well, it’s felt long as I’ve been doing a lot of waiting. And waiting. Which made me think of the recent A-Team posters heralding the awesome approach to project planning which adopts the “There is no plan B” tack.

While this probably makes for a great movie (I’ve no idea as I’ve not seen the film, as I was brought up on George Peppard’s crew this film is wrong on several levels to me, not least, for example, my Hannibal would always have had a plan B, he was a boy scout!) having no plan B would quickly result in project fail.

Back to the plot, last week I submitted a pitch for the Abertay Game Fund and I also wrote to the agent of a well known piece of I.P. to see if they would be willing for us to use the license for the game.

On Thursday I heard back from Abertay University and they really like my idea and also the proposal in general – it seems all those years of managing traditional projects with structured and methodical documents is useful after all! The only issue with the fund is that it will take at least another month to negotiate the next stage. Which is very reasonable and well thought through, only I’m itching to put the whole project into top gear now as there’s been 6 weeks of planning and thinking. One of the stipulations of the funding is it’s for prototyping so you can’t do too much otherwise it’s not valid (catch 22!) The project manager at Abertay has been good enough to direct me at a traditional publishing route, so that’s what I’m exploring now.

The second waiting game was in regard to the license of the well known I.P. and as yet I’ve not heard back (other than their initial, “we’ll get back to you”). I’m sure they get lots of these requests so no surprise there but obviously this project needs to progress forward so I’ll reluctantly have to shelve that idea for the time being and explore some others. It’s a shame as the license is a great fit both thematically and motivationally as it’s one I love, but as per the post title sometimes plan A doesn’t work out. Luckily the project idea can fit a number of different genres so the idea of using a well known license can continue with some other licenses.

So plan B it is, thanks Hannibal!

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