A game in 1k?

I was at a talk on next years SXSW event (more on that later) when my G1 started flashing with a new message. I flipped it open to find a message on Google Talk from Peter Liepa (creator of Boulderdash). It turns out Peter’s written a new game and it’s in less than 1k. He really is an astonishing fellow. I had a quick play with it before he submitted it into the JS1K competition http://js1k.com to offer a little feedback but with only 1 byte left to play with it’s about as perfect as it can be with those constraints – to give you a rough idea the text up to this point has almost consumed 1k!

It’s really an amazing little concept and you can play it here: http://js1k.com/demo/640

Trying to write a game in 1k is a great exercise in constraint, optimisation and game mechanics – and thanks to Peter I’ve been obsessively trying to put together something for the demo competition myself. So far I’ve got a screen full of space junk (pictured above) and I’m riffing around using localised gravity to collect them together into satellites. It’s sort of like a cross between Gravity Well and Katamari only it’s in 1k.

Thanks Peter, that’s my spare time gone ;o) I’ll post mine up when it’s showable, prob a in a day or so

p.s. I’ll be catching up with Peter again next week to talk about his new projects

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