Le petite mort

Daytime consultancy stuff is zipping along and for once in a long time I’m actually enjoying building business tools. That’s probably because I know that it’s a means to an end and all the hard work is building the foundations for the game development. I also got time to read the End of Mr.Y, kindly sent over by Mr.Cummings – who’s currently working on Paramount’s new lineup (very exciting).

The book was a bit of a let down in it’s final third (too many lofty ideas at the start never got fleshed out and it ended up being a little bit too Dan Brown for my liking – “The famous man picked up the red cup”) but I really enjoyed it plus it gave me an idea for neat little casual game I’m going to build over the next few weeks in HTML5.

It’s called, as the blog title suggests, Le Petit Mort and it’s not that rude really but the object of the game is simply to die, as often and as quickly as you can. Sounds morbid but I can assure you it’s anything but ;o)

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