Cold Lazarus

I know! It’s been how long since the last update? Lots!

Let me apologise and begin the resurrection with some Q&A

Is the project dead?

Then why the hiatus?
Money. Hey guv, I have two small starving children…Well we’re far from destitute but more pragmatic demands meant that I had to pause the project to bring in contract work which inevitably went on longer than expected.

What happend with the Abertay fund?
I got through to the last round but the game design had outgrown the scope of the fund so I had to withdraw for the time being. Mike Enoch was great about it and has hinted they’ll be another round around Spring which we can re-submit for, if we need to.

So are you working on a game now?
Yes. The past few months contracting have brought the game design sharply into focus and some of it can be cut out but what remains is really strong. So yes, I’m actively writing code.

Are you going to tell us what it is?

Why not?
Because if I learned anything over the past few months, it’s talking about it on the interwebs doesn’t get it built but…I should have something to show in about 6 weeks.

So is it still location based and mobile?
No. Location based gaming is, for the time being, not mature enough. It’s felt too contrived throughout the whole design so I’m going back to what matters most. Having fun the old school way and making it feel fresh. Pop!

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