War of the Worlds

And we’re back.

Last night my oldest friend sent me an email with an indecipherable string of letters in it separated with hyphens. It turned out to be a download code for the new XBLA War of the Worlds game. A game that began its life around the same time as this project and one that I got to see intimately at all it’s stages – from the original conversations Lee and I had around what he thought would work, to the final release. I’ll write more when I’ve completed it but at this stage I urge you to download it. It really is one of the more original games you’ll see this year.


What’s quite incredible about it is that you can tell what it’s influences are, particularly Prince of Persia, Limbo, Another World, but here’s the really wonderful thing. It feels totally original.

More later. Go Download it. Now!

[Update: 10th May 2012]
Actually I never completed it. Boy was it hard =p

I’ve never seen a game that split the critics so 50/50 – people really loved or hated it. Sadly, the control response was a little temperamental and I think it put off a lot of people that should have really loved it. FWIW, one of last years most interesting releases.

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