News: Design Completed and Pinterest!

Finally, have our design completed for the next project. I’ll start blogging about it as soon as development starts (within the next week). Very excited about the concept and initially I’m going to use the impact.js engine for prototyping which will dramatically reduce the development times and cost.

A bit about cost. I wrote a pretty comprehensive requirements specification and had a few iOS/Droid devs look at it and the quotes that came back were pretty astonishing. Some ranging up to around $50k which considering the risk involved in getting an app to make money is pretty expensive – I should add that I don’t think it an unrealistic price for development (i.e. day rate * length of project or fixed price etc) just that as I’ve written previously, I think your marketing budget should be at least equal to your dev budget 🙂

Anyway, in the meantime here’s a Pinterest account I’ve setup to collect themes for the game 😉

Collision Games on Pinterest

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