Making an Impact

Impact BioLab Disaster

I know, two blog posts in as many days. It’s a real hive of activity again isn’t it?

Today actually is quite an amazing day. After all this time we have finally managed to start hacking/prototyping and we have a solid, well defined design requirements technical doc.

So what’s changed?

Well, quite a lot really. Keeping Collision Games alive in my head has been easy. Keeping it alive in the real world was harder. It would have been easy to let it find a nice quiet corner of the internet and, quietly, get old. In fact, after some of the iOS quotes I’ve seen this week I was more than happy for that to happen (versus me frittering away my children’s college money).

Then I remembered the HTML5/Javascript game engine impact.js ( I bought a license to use it last year so I dropped in on their forum and decided to see if any dev’s fancied some work. Turns out they did and we start work next week on the first real Collision Games release.

So I might just make it to GameCity this year to show it off and go through the development saga – it’s only taken 2 years so far!

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