Games and why we play

As I’m building out this game company I’ve been bumping into old colleagues and on being asked what I’m doing now I often get the sense they’ve no idea why. Or rather, they’ve no idea why I hold games in such high regard, why my fondness for them goes far past any nostalgia and why I’m stopping working on enterprise web applications (which I’ve been doing for the last 16 years). I can see their point initially, Enterprise software can be very lucrative. It’s also insanely dull. It certainly tests your motives for working.

But for me it’s as simple as this. Playing video games lets me keep the child in me healthy. The child in me is the part that wants to be friends with the world and it’s the part that thinks anything is possible. I’d be a lot poorer without it.

So games, they give me a break from the part of my brain that wants to analyse things and hands the reigns over to the part that wants to run around and explore and believes that you really can fly if you’re holding a feather.

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