Finally: A playable demo of The Vault – our html5 browser game development

Very excited to be able to post up this playable demo of our html5 browser game development I’m working on. It’s called The Vault 

You can play Farringdon Lane and the Vault of Alien Mind Terrors here (Chrome/Firefox only at the moment, mobile browsers to follow 🙂

The Vault HTML5 game
The Vault HTML5 game

Once we’ve finished the game, I’ll write up the technical side of using JavaScript and HTML5 to make a game. In the main I’m very positive about it, particularly the applications it has as a tool for teaching children basic programming. As a language for large projects it has some severe limitations, mainly around objects, typing and debugging. But in the main, these are outweighed by brevity and speed of development.

The other part I want to write up is the 2D platform genre which HTML5 can rejuvenate. Some of my favourite games were of this genre (e.g. Turrican, Metal Slug, Ghost n Goblins, etc) and this project really also explores whether they can provide depth but more on that later…