Craft Computer – Create Your Own Computer Craft Kit PDF

Build your own craft computer with our PDF computer craft kit  – suitable for ages 5 upwards!

Craft Computer
Craft Computer Kit

Download Craft Computer Kit PDF

We’ve designed it as a PDF craft computer pack for teaching children core computing ideas without the need for any computers or tablets! All you’ll need is a printer, safety scissors and glue – oh and some pipe cleaners or string if you’d like to network your Craft Computers 🙂

Here’s the write up from our first test run with it:

When teaching children we wanted to start at the beginning, before programming, with something tangible, something they could handle and own. There is a strong urge with Computing to dive straight into programming which is the obvious goal  but we have found it valuable to have it supported  by a solid physical understanding through play and craft.

Children love to create, especially with paper and glue so that’s how we came up with the Craft Computer. As cross-curricular addition it also involves teamwork, hand eye coordination and maths transformation (2D to 3D).

The kit contains:

  • some components (MEMORY, CPU, FILES) which we use to teach the children some simple fundamentals on how computers work.
  • Pixel files – we use these as a fun colouring in task to show how computers use numbers to represent things like colours
  • Program Punch cards – we use these to draw simple “programs” on

Using the Craft Computer Kit you can create your own craft computers which you can give to a whole class with just an A4 printer.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling, here’s the Craft Computer PDF file*:

Download Craft Computer Kit PDF

Please feel free to share around your networks if they’re of any use.

*If you find any errors or have some suggestions please drop me a line – the pack is a draft so there might be some bugs 🙂

Cheers, (@danfbridge)

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