Building A Programmable Game for – Day 2

A programmable game has to be the most fun way to learn to program so I’ve decided to build one for my Craft Computer workshop at [info on the Craft Computer here]

I’ve built it to tie in with the Craft Computer that my junior computer experts will build in the mornings. Once they’ve made their craft computers and learned about what makes computers “tick” they will get to write a program for their ‘MowBot‘. (Here’s the previous post on using Jeff Minter’s Hover Bovver as the inspiration for our  programmable games)

They’ll learn basic programming via Hover Bovver MowBot such as instructions and loops

This is what I’ve got running after Day 2. It’s a basic tilemap engine but today the sprites are programmable! Each sprite has a little stack and program counter which can be ‘hacked’.

See the vine for a quick clip – the little chap moving, is MowBot and he’s now being controlled by a program rather than the keyboard 🙂

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