Craft Computing All Over The World

I just wanted to share something I found today that really surprised me.

Craft Computer Download Map
Craft Computer Download Map

The map shows the locations from which our Craft Computer Kit has been viewed or downloaded. Incredibly, it’s been viewed from every continent – according to Google Analytics, not convinced about Antarctica yet! The darker the blue the more it has been downloaded.

Understandably, the UK and US are the darkest but I’m really pleased to see lots from South America. Having spent a few months in Peru I know first hand how useful good education is. It would be great to see Africa showing up and we’ve some plans to help there.

We designed the Craft Computer kit to help teach children Computational Thinking for ages 5-7 and 7-9 and the response has been terrific. I’m currently in my 3rd week of teaching a Computing lunchtime class with it and the kids love it – Week 1 Notes.

If you’ve used the kit send me a pic and I’ll post them up! (email or twitter @danfbridge

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