Wales Steering Committee Report on ICT Curriculum Review

In October 2012, Leighton Andrews, then Welsh AM Education Minister, setup an independent steering committee to report on how to improve ICT education in Wales. Included in the review scope were the following themes:

  • ‘ICT’ in schools needs to be re-branded, re-engineered and made relevant to now and to the future;
  • Digital literacy is the start and not the end point – learners need to be taught to create as well as to consume;
  • Computer science should be introduced at primary school and developed over the course of the curriculum so that learners can progress into a career pathway in the sector.
  • Skills, such as creative problem-solving, should be reflected in the curriculum;
  • Revised qualifications need to be developed in partnership with schools, Higher Education and industry.

The report was published on October 4th 2013.

You can download the full Steering Committee Report as a PDF here Wales Independent ICT Review PDF

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