BBC plans to help get the nation coding

Classical education used to teach Ancient Greek, now it needs to Modern Geek – Stephen Fry

BBC plans to help get the nation coding with an announcement yesterday that it plans to return to producing Television content to support a National drive to get our children coding. As someone who grew up watching Micro Live with Fred Harris (below) I am so excited about this. Micro Live was a great programme, a mainstream Computing based show which didn’t dumb anything down and helped inspire a generation of developers.

Fred Harris BBC Micro Live
Fred Harris BBC Micro Live

On the new venture, run by BBC’s Future Publishing team, Ralph Rivera, director of future media at the BBC, said:

“The BBC has played a hugely important role in inspiring a generation of digital and technology leaders in the past, and now it’s time to reignite that creativity.”

Interestingly, their technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones remarked:

The Corporation will have to be careful that it doesn’t tread on anyone’s toes – one previous educational venture BBC Jam had to be cancelled after complaints from commercial companies.

But if the BBC can use its creativity to make coding cool that could have a big impact, giving the UK skills that are vital for a modern economy.

Here’s the full BBC article:

BBC Plans to Help Get Nation Coding

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