Dino Dini Kicks Off The Craft Computer Club

Kick Off 2

The last week my twitter has been pretty active since I launched the Craft Computer Club Kickstarter but one retweet caught my attention last night and it was from someone called Dino Dini.

I recognised the name straight away as the author of my all time favourite Amiga football game, Kick Off 2. I spent many many hours playing that game when I was “revising” for my A-Levels. It’s one of many computing experiences that inspired me to study Computer Science and want to be a programmer.

So I replied to the Retweet asking if it was the same Dino that wrote the game (you never know on the Internet) and received this response:

And then something magical happened that’s making me smile as I write this, I received a generous backer notification. It was from Dino and it came with a wonderful message of support and an offer to help if he could.

Today I’m going to write to Dino and see what we could do.

I’ll let you know if anything, Kicks Off (sorry, it’s a poor pun but couldn’t resist)

Screenshot 2014-02-10 13.51.45

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