The One Thing I Can’t Live Without – Paper!

My friends at the design studio Burning Red are doing a weekly blog task for their newsletter Red Matter and asked me to do this week’s topic which is…

The one thing I can’t live without

My name’s Dan Bridge, I’m a programmer and I spend a LOT of time in front of computers, laptops and tablets. I poke, prod and punch numbers, words and functions into them to make them do useful interesting things. Sometimes they won’t do what I want. That usually means I haven’t told them what I wanted them to do clearly enough.

In order to work out what I want computers to do, here’s the thing I couldn’t live without: pen and paper.

My Note Pad
My Note Pad

Most people think programmers just sit at machines and transfer code thoughts straight from their head into the computer but everything I do I usually sketch out on paper first. So that notebooks are indispensable for me. They let me test things out, order my thinking and add lots of weird doodles and arrows

It’s the one thing I couldn’t live without – work wise!

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