Don’t Panic – A Guide To The Computing Curriculum

There’s a few exciting announcements to come from inPractice, the first is a free guide to the new curriculum for teachers that I’ve decided to release as an open-source document (on github) via the creative commons license. I’d love it to be collaborative and multi-lingual so if you’d like to pitch in, fork the code and get in touch 🙂

It’s written for teachers and anyone wanting to know a bit more about the concepts in the curriculum. It will contain interactive examples plus the Craft Computer resources with full instructions.

It’s in progress now, but in the spirit of Agile development, you can read what’s there now or download and contribute if you’d like – click the image.

The next announcement will be about the physical computing product we’re working on which is called: More on that soon!

Don't Panic
Don’t Panic

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