WordPress protecting Denial of Service (DOS) attacks with Fail2Ban


Wordpress DOS denial of Service Fail2Ban
WordPress DOS denial of Service Fail2Ban

If you run a weblog chances are you’re among the 70% of them that are running WordPress. If you are you’re more than likely seeing various attempts on your security, perhaps DOS as a result of exploit attempts on xmlrpc.php so I highly recommend reading this article on Fail2ban.

Fail2ban is a great utility that allows you to set up monitoring of log files and filter them according to very specific rules. For example, you can specify a filter to watch Apache web logs for requests using https and ban, i.e. prevent them from accessing your server for a period of time,based on the number of requests made in a certain time period.

Here’s a great blog on how to set it up:


FEATURE: Girls get coding!

Great blog post by local journalist  on getting more girls into coding and Computing.

Everyone knows how to use a computer, right? We practically live on them. Whether it’s a laptop, a desktop, a mobile phone, or a tablet people of all ages are spending more and more time on them.

We chat to friends on computers, we work on them, we take photos and make videos with them, and we share all these things with other people using our different devices.”

For the full article head over to https://grrrlslife.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/feature-grrrls-and-computers/

The Pi and Programming
The Pi and Programming