Amazon AWS Lambda Serverless Solutions with Swagger

Amazon AWS Lambda Serverless Solutions with Swagger can provide a developer with a platform for deploying mission critical applications without the headaches of managing machine outages and traffic scaling.

In combination with API Gateway, S3 storage and their RDS (Relational Database Service) platform it’s possible to build and deploy a high volume, easily maintainable scalable REST API quickly and efficiently.

However, if you start by using Amazon’s the Serverless Application Model (SAM) you’ll quickly find that you’re focusing all your development time on…developing. Imagine that!

Here at we’ve been recently replaced some legacy LAMP style APIs with AWS Lambda and Node.js to deploy scalable, high volume RESTful APIs. The result has been a massive increase in server response times (for the clients) and a huge reduction in the amount of development time being used on non-development tasks such as server patching, service restarting, troubleshooting unresponsive URIs etc.

In the subsequent blog post we publish our Setting up a REST API with AWS SAM Lambda, Node.js, MySql and Swagger tutorial.

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