South Wales STEM help with the Craft Computer

Helping the next generation of Computer Science(grrrls)


inPractice are passionate advocates for improving children’s access to digital literacy resources – especially for girls.

That’s why since 2013 inPractice has supported the STEM Ambassador programme to teach concepts of computing to children.

We’ve taken part in activities at local Primary schools, taking groups to see the Raspberry Pi production line in Pencoed (read more here), as well as larger events like the GameCity Festival.

Using Paper To Teach Computing

It sounds contradictory but we’re big fans of using paper. We often forget that it was one of our first forms of technology for communicating! So what better way to help children learn about what’s under the hood of a computer than a paper craft computer?

The Craft Computer Cube
The Craft Computer Cube

It’s a set of resources that’s easy to distribute to an entire class as you just need paper, scissors and some glue.


You can download the Craft Computer Kit Download here