Full Stack Web Development

inPractice utilise a wide range of full stack web development tools to support the educational apps we develop. We specialise in the LAMP stack plus AWS micro-service architectures such as AWS Lambda and Node.js. Additionally we have full stack expertise in Java and C# variants of the LAMP stack.

Full Stack Support

Based in South Wales, we’ve been helping organisations with their app support and development for over 15 years. Organisations such as Cardiff University have trusted us with the development and maintenance of 24/7 services critical to the running of their departments.

What is a full stack web developer?

The phrase “full stack web developer” describes someone who is able to work across the complete ‘stack’ of technologies that make up the web. From the bottom up this includes the server, usually running a variant of Linux such as CentOS, which in turns supports the web server, often Apache, and a database server, often a relational “SQL” database such as MySQL. This ‘server’ stack houses the web application, written in a language such as PHP, Java or C# that ‘serve’ the web application to the user’s browser as web pages that are made up of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The full stack developer is able to work across (or up!) every one of these technologies. Often the developer will call on the expertise of a particular layer when needed. For example, the ‘front end’ or user interface layer will often require a designer to produce graphic assets to a high standard.

Full Stack Languages

We have extensive experience in PHP, C#, Java and Javascript (with a dash of Python here and there!).

Hybrid Mobile and Full Stack Web Development
Almost all modern web applications have a mobile app companion. Whether this is a responsive web app, reactive or native, inPractice has experience of delivering all varieties.

Looking for a full stack developer in South Wales?

If you require a full stack developer in South Wales please contact us or drop us a line if you think we might be able to help you – if not we’ve a good network of friends that we might be able to recommend too. You can email us at fullstack@inpractice.org