Learning Management System Case Study

This Learning Management System Case Study focuses on the pioneering Occupational Therapy educators in the All Wales team which is a pan-University group set up in Wales: it covers Cardiff University, Glyndwr University and Bangor University. Our model was quickly used by Universities in Ireland, Scotland and as far away as Australia.

inPractice was first used by Cardiff University to bridge three universities that run the length and breadth of Wales: Cardiff, Wrexham and Bangor. It’s used to manage all cohorts from three programmes and Erasmus students too.

Placement offers come in from over 500 organisations in Wales and England, and are then used by the three departments co-operatively – although they are able to work individually too.

As an offer is made it is entered into Placement Centre, linked to an organisation and educator. It’s then given a status within the ‘placement lifecycle’ which allows it to be sorted and accessed in many ways for easy tracking and reporting.

The ‘placement lifecycle’ indicates the stage a placement is at (e.g. Offer, Assigned, InProgress, Completed) and Placement Centre can be tailored to trigger alerts to you when it changes. For example, a student may receive an email notification to view their placement details when staff change it from ‘offer’ to ‘assigned’.

Placement Centre does not blindly allocate students to places like some solutions, instead it displays the offers and supporting information to help you place your student quickly and correctly; with customized annotations such as ‘required experience’, student learning difficulties, cars for remote locations or the need for accommodation.

We’ve also encouraged students and educators to login to see their placement details, they can update their C.P.D. using the online forms and everyone can send messages and leave notes!

And because it can be accessed anywhere we truly are an All Wales Practice Education Team.

All the best!

The All Wales Practice Education Team