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Practice Placement Databases

inPractice was formed in 2004 when we were invited to re-imagine an All Wales communication platform for Cardiff University’s Healthcare courses which connected NHS organisations across Wales. Our innovate model was quickly copied by Universities across Ireland, Scotland and even as far as Australia.

Since then inPractice has designed, developed and delivered innovation into the U.K.’s most successful Universities and organisations.

“Placement learning is a planned period of learning, normally outside the institution at which the student is enrolled, where the learning outcomes are an intended part of a programme of study. It includes those circumstances where students have arranged their own learning opportunity with a placement provider, with the approval of the institution. The code is not intended to cover learning outside an institution that is not a planned part of a programme of study, such as part-time, term-time and vacation work which students have arranged for themselves.” QAA, 2001, p4.

Practice Based Education

Practice placements are one of the important features of most healthcare courses and it’s important that the time spent on practice placement is focused on the correct practice education for each student concerned. For many students on practice placements this is can also be the most memorable part of their programme, for many they will make new friends whilst on practice placement and encounter new methods of learning and working and plenty of opportunity to enrich their Continual Professional Development (CPD).

In order to provide the planning and support for the student practice placements, typically a department will have a member of staff (sometimes more than one!) whose job will be to manage the entire practice placement planning and placement administration process. The planning of a practice placement can be complicated and often time consuming as the practice education team strive to place their students with the right practice educators in order for them to practice education experience they need. This will almost always mean trying to juggle phone calls, messages, documents, spreadsheets, perhaps a small access database and always there’s large lists of:

– Trusts, Administrative Regions
– Sites
– Site Managers, Coordinators, Educators
– Areas of Practice Specialities
– Student Intake Lists
– Student handbooks, documents, feedback forms

Many of the people associated with the practice education process work in different offices, often very remote locations, often there’s changed addresses, locations, phone numbers. And of course there are times when Students may turn up at for their practice placement without the proper documentation and need to get hold of practice educator details and phone numbers quickly.

Sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be great if all that practice placement information was in one place without any duplication?

Don’t worry, this is exactly the scenario that the inPractice practice placement platform is designed to help. It’s designed to help minimise the stresses and unnecessary duplication associated with practice placement planning and practice placment administration.

The Usual Suspects

The inPractice practice placement platform provides secure and remote access during the entire practice placement period for:
– University Practice Education Staff
– University tutors who visit students
– Students
– Practice Educators
– Coordinators and Managers

Each person can access the information that’s relevant to them, and where applicable they can update their details so you don’t have to!

Try it for yourself!

Why not see if we can make things easier for you? We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch or drop us an email and we’ll call you straight back and we’ll also arrange to have a trial edition available for you. So you can see how easy it is!