Educational App Developer Cardiff


We’re honoured to have world class organisations use our software, but it’s our ongoing relationships that matter most to us.

“When it comes to building digital products there are few I would rather work with. Over the years we have worked on many projects. Dan’s obvious go-to-skill is his technical knowledge and experience of running effective dev teams, however, he has always added a huge amount of value in other areas. Dan is curious and creative, which enables him to spot issues others don’t see and provide solutions. All of this is wrapped up in an incredible amount of focus, energy and a GSD attitude. My advice – work with Dan, you won’t regret it!”

Paul Hewitt –   In Marketing We Trust, Aus.

“Dan is a first class engineer and technical director; more importantly he is able to get directly to the vital essence of an issue, whether it is in code, in team management or in strategy. He is excellent at managing, directing and motivating teams, a talent supported by his superb communication and presentation skills. He is also highly approachable and unflappable, and is a pleasure to work with on a personal level.”

Russell Hicks –  CTO Bond Digital Ltd.

“Dan and I worked closely on several projects for Tafol. He is a great communicator and a highly proficient developer with a can-do attitude. Diligent, and extremely professional he takes great pride in his work. It was a joy to collaborate with such an affable and good humoured manager. He was a pleasure to work with.”

Aled Richards –  Founder Tafol Educational Apps

“…the most ingenious and resourceful development professional I have worked with. We would have brainstorming sessions to create solutions to customer problems and Dan would provide great ideas. And then Dan and his team would have working solutions in hours and days (and not weeks and months). Creative, dependable and fun–I hope to work with Dan again soon.”

Ken Feehan –  Senior Marketing VP, Ping San Francisco

“Dan delivered high quality product with exceptional professionalism. He was open and engaging, innovative and able to adjust to shifting project requirements. He was willing to provide explanations of possible technical approaches which were pitched at an appropriate level and delivered with a great deal of patience! I would highly recommend him.”

Phil Cooley –  Q.A. Manager Bond Digital Ltd.

“InPractice are fantastic! And it was great to see everything up and running so quickly . It’s already saving time and confusion. Best of all we are able to provide new levels of professionalism to our clients”

Lorraine Kent –  Galway University, Ireland.

Hi Dan just been on your fantastic site! I have been asked to teach y1, y2, y5 and y6! Previously I have taught KS3 and GCSE ICT and Creative Media as well as being DT trained. The craft computer is brilliant and fits with my skill set!

M. Connelly

Hi again Dan,

I just thought I’d let you know that I plan to pass on your Craft Computer ideas and template to my trainee teachers in one of my forthcoming sessions.! I really think the Craft Computer idea has lots of potential in terms of getting KS1 children to understand the basic principles of computer science!

Many thanks for your help, and great resources.

B. Robins

“It has made group work so much easier, especially for someone who is dyslexic and has trouble writing down e-mail address correctly! Much easier planning what you want to say and e-mailing tutors, and then you have all the information in print so have a record of information to refer back too. Also made staying in touch with other years and making plans for social outings at weekends easier – It’s a great idea!”

Michelle Parker – Student at Cardiff University.

“What impresses me most is the speed. It makes me feel better about students because it used be very hard work chasing people around by phone, leaving messages, and then not being available yourself when they ring back!”

Cheryl Caldwel – OT Educator in Aberystwyth.

“InPractice are fantastic! And it was great to see everything up and running so quickly . It’s already saving time and confusion. It only took little while to become proficient with the software and its versatility and ease of use is a joy! Best of all we are able to provide new levels of professionalism for our placement providers and students.”

Lorraine Kent – Adminstrator at Galway University, Ireland.

“It has the flexibility to meet the needs of a very complex system as seen in Wales, or where there are smaller numbers and fewer sites.”

Tracey Polglase – Practice Education Lead, Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff University, Department of Occupational Therapy.

“Well, I only started using it recently and the immediate obvious benefit to me is the overview it provides when the offers are coming from our very large geographical patch.”

Vanessa Townsend – Clinical Educator for South Wales.

“I really enjoy keeping close contact with colleagues and staff which is really necessary on a course like this as most of my peers are living so far away. The ability to work as a group from inPractice is so much easier – distance not being an issue anymore. Having instant replies from staff is essential and so vital. Keeping a full record of the placements and hours is always so handy. I use the forms produced for my placements so life is generally easier throughout. Thanks.”

Jackie Tyler – Student at Bangor University.

“Very very impressive!”

Cara Shapland – Practice Education Co-ordinator, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

“It has made a fab difference to the way I work. I constantly use the internet and log on to the database frequently, it is well set up and clear to those who are less literate at using the computer, I find it is useful in contacting tutors, college mates and people from other years and colleges, Universities etc… well done. Give yourself and your team a pat on the Back!”

Anna Davies – Final year student at Glyndwr University, Wrexham.

“What impresses me most is the speed of response. It makes me feel better about taking students because it could be very hard work chasing people around by phone, leaving messages, and then not being available yourself when they rang back. ”

Cheryl Caldwell – OT Educator for Aberystwyth.